Why I Can No Longer Support Current HealthCare Reform Legislation

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Reading through my blog archives, any reader will infer that I am a major proponent of healthcare reform legislation. Not only have I spoken out in support of a strong and robust public option, I have trashed any Senator/House Representatives who fail to put the American public’s health as priority; whether in siding with insurance companies, drug companies and various other industry special interests or being a Republican/NeoCon.

As an insider, I have a special perspective on this issue, one which has enabled me to know personally the financial predicament of the insured, mostly caused by run-away insurance costs and steadily diminishing coverage. I know, first hand, how truly fucked up this country’s insurance system really is. With this in mind, I have donated to, written about, volunteered for and re-tweeted countless pro-reform causes because I know how important this is. It is safe to say I have proven myself to be one of healthcare reform’s most ardent and devoted supporters.


Today, that all ends. I cannot in good conscience support a system that will strip more rights away from women in the name of “reform”(because at this point, its not really reforming anything and there is now a fucking mandate proposal in the senate: worst.idea.ever; but I digress). I cannot support the sacrifice of abortion and reproductive coverage and/or funding in the name of garnering needed Democratic Senatorial votes. I cannot and will not placate a bat-shit crazy, extremist, right wing-nut base of voters who don’t give a fuck about women/human-equality/LGBT anyway. To support any of this politics-as-usual garbage as it stands would be akin to lighting my house on fire and watching years of memories, hard work and tradition go up in flames-then going on my merry way saying, “Well, I needed a new house anyway”!

Equal rights for all citizens begin within the social landscape. First, as displayed by regular people like you and me; economic and political reform or action follow the people’s example. We would all do well not to forget this. So I say: it would be pathetic and short sighted to sacrifice women’s equality and the right to reproductive freedom in order to pass this ridiculously inept insurance “reform” bill- I will not support it.


Kill The Bill


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