Witch Quickie: Senator Dick Durbin's Email Fail

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I recently wrote about the Wiccan community's response to Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell's ignorant comments about witchcraft. Well, apparently it's a trend, and now it's Senator Dick Durbin's turn. Veronica from Viva La Feminista caught this line in a recent email sent out by Senator Durbin's office:

Across Illinois and across America, millions of voters are ready to hear a call to gather and fight the witches and wingnuts who worship Sarah Palin, stand in awe of Glenn Beck, and arrogantly profess to speak for our future.

Wingnuts may "worship" Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, but witches most definitely do not. Selena Fox of the Circle Sanctuary has described the pagan community as "multi-partisan", but considering that witches revere nature and believe in the divine feminine, I don't think that there are tons of hardcore Palin/Beck supporters in the group. As Veronica put it:

I'm sure that there must be Republican witches (I think the Wicked Witch was one) out there, but for the most part, the witches/pagans/wiccans I have met are all open-minded liberals if not radically lefty. We might not be the biggest religious group out there, but we do take offense to being liken to something to be defeated, especially, for me, to radical right wingers who don't believe in women's rights, evolution or caring for their fellow human being.

Go read the rest of her post: Senator Durbin I'm betting that most witches are Democrats.

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this hits home for me

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...and for a couple of reasons.

For one, I am fairly solidly in the atheist camp.  As such, I find a sense of kinship with pagan / shaman spirit folks.  It may be a result of the term 'heathen' being used by strict dogmatic fundamentalists, to describe pagan / wiccan / agnostic / atheist folks - pretty much interchangably. 

Also because it serves as a reminder that religious intolerance and the thirst for power permeate every facet of our lives.  The concepts of god's will and morality are so commonly used that people seem completely unaware that their language is a regurgitation of the dictatorial puritanical screeds.  The delusions and incitations of violence, intolerance and persecution have been worked into every aspect of daily life. 

Finally, because he's my damn Senator.  That freakin' ass!  I sure as hell don't want any GOP pro-life & pro-death penalty corporate stooge to take his place, but I will demand that he treat us all like the human beings and equals that we are - in the eyes of his deity or whomever's, if they have one.


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