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So it's time to talk about a girl's best friend, the Kegel muscles. The pubococcygeus (PC) muscles' benefits were discovered by Dr. Arnold Kegel. However, most doctors don't talk about them except in cases of childbirth and urinary incontinence. This, honestly, is a travesty. Regular exercise of the Kegel muscle can lead to stronger, easier to achieve orgasms.

The PC muscles control the pelvic floor. When a girl has an orgasm, the muscles naturally contract, squeezing anything inside the vagina (A fun fact is that the vaginal walls contract a rate of once every .8 seconds, the same rate of male ejaculate, in an attempt to facilitate fertilization.(sadly enough I remembered that from my senior thesis paper from college 3 and a half years ago, but I can't remember where I put my purse half the time, figures)) This means that voluntary control of these muscles can add fun new sensations for heterosexual sex. It also means that contracting these muscles can heighten the sensation inside the vagina and facilitate orgasm.  

When I was growing up, I was a latch key kid, so I was home for a few hours alone, or with my older brother, everyday until my parents came home. At their bedside, my parents had an encyclopedia of sex, which I decided, at the tender age of eleven, to read cover to cover (Though honestly, it may have been because I had read everything else in the house, they couldn't keep me in books at that age). The book was aimed at married couples with kids, and stressed the importance of exercising the Kegel muscles. I was horrified. I had gone eleven whole years without Kegeling once! I had so much time to make up for! That day, I found my PC muscles and started flexing them before bed. I did this everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, because I didn't want to have weak orgasms or leak pee (somehow I hadn't quite picked up that those things only tend to happen after childbirth.) Move on 9 years, as I was with my first boyfriend.... When he went to finger me for the first time, he could only get his pinky in I was so tight, and apparently I squeezed it so hard when I came it went numb. I've eased up on them a bit, and have had a decent amount of sex to loosen things up, but I still Kegel everyday, and every guy I've ever been with has been shocked at how tight I can squeeze. I would encourage everyone to get to work on those PC muscles today!

- First, to exercise the muscles, you need to know how to find them. The classic way women are told to find their Kegel muscles is to go to the bathroom. While you are peeing, stop the flow. The muscles you use to do that, those are your Kegel muscles. Once you've found them, you should be able to contract them (without a full bladder, if you exercise them with a full bladder it can actually weaken them) and feel them pull in towards your mid back.

- Once you've isolated these muscles, you should start exercising them daily. You can either contract and hold for 3 seconds, and release, repeating ten times. Work up the amount of time you hold for, until you get to ten seconds. Repeat this three times a day. You can also contract and release quickly, counting up to 10 or 20. Do these sets 3 times a day, or more.

- Now, once you get good at this, you can do it anywhere, standing in line, sitting in traffic, what have you. I can't tell you how many boring lectures in college I got through by doing sets of 50 (I have rock hard PC muscles... now if only the rest of my body where that toned)

- Once you get your PC muscles nice and toned, you can use them during sex to play with your partner. During heterosexual sex pulsing them will squeeze the guys cock, and you can use that to your advantage. It can heighten sensation during missionary or doggy style sex, but if you really like to torture your partner, use it while you are on top. Sit on his cock, don't move, and pulse, it will torture him a little, but in that good way I swear.

So that's all for today kiddies. Start flexing those PC muscles, it's a quick easy thing you can do that can really enhance your sex life. So, as always, this is cleofaye saying, when in doubt, just ask, and when you're unsatisfied, give direction!

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 Awesome, I really enjoyed reading this. Good job. 

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