Young Arab Feminist Network: a New Hope

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In Marrakesh 2008 was the start, the “issue” of young feminists was discussed and considered in AWID meeting. It was like a stone thrown in lake, it created many waves on ideas and further on initiatives. In this meeting the young feminists articulated their interests; they started to show the invisible struggle they are facing. It was not the patriarchal societies we are living in, or the authoritarian regimes we are living in, it was the daily endeavor they young feminists go through, to claim their right to exist and show a different feminist discourse.

Many claims can be raised to disqualify the young feminists, like they lack the needed information and experience, they are not well prepared to join the decision making process and they should be allocated according to the needs and priorities of the institutions they are working in, all these claims are gathered to hinder the progress of young feminist attempts to change the status quo of the feminist movement.

When We the young feminists realized that we can do more than preparing coffee and tea, or fixing the seniors problems with technology, we argued that we have potentials and we can change our situations, we will not be satisfied by the mid career promises nor we will play the role of communicators with the foreign donors, we thought that we need an entity that empower us, build our capacity , offer us support and aggregate us, and here was the start of the Young Arab Feminist Network.

The network is a result of months of deliberations between young feminists from all over the Arab region, they discussed all the challenges we are facing and they attempted to realize their own dreams, they sought an inclusive network that can offer a safe space to its members regardless ethnicity, class, background, ideological affiliation, sexual orientation. We aimed to create a platform where we can articulate our interests, raise our concerns and shape our own struggle strategy.

We are launching the Young Arab Feminist Network in Cairo, it is step one in the road, I know that we need perseverance and passion to continue, and our road is full of obstacles, but I am quite sure that we belief in our cause will guide us through this hard road.

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