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Ready to ditch FetLife? Tools to make the transition easier.

All right folks.

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Male VS Female Transformation Gender Stereotypes Spoof

Hello my friends,

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FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine (FAADE)

The FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine, or FAADE, is a tool that alerts you of profiles on

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  • Mastering the Art of Letting Gender Go

    Would you, as a father, wear a dress so that your 5-year-old son felt less embarrassed about doing so?

    If you’ve been online at any point in the past few weeks, then you probably know that I’m referring to the German dad who did just that for his little boy. The kid preferred wearing dresses and skirts when they were living in the liberal big city, but started to feel uncomfortable after moving to a smaller, more religious, more conservative community. So when he started to consider opting out of his fashion choices, his father decided instead to encourage him to be himself – by donning the dresses, too.

    Then there’s the more mixed (and, apparently, untrue) rumor that Jay-Z had decided to stop calling women “bitches” after his daughter was born. On the one hand, he would have been giving up an abominably sexist male behavior. On the other, it would ostensibly have been done to protect his little baby girl – a very gendered response.

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    What's In A Name?

    Last night I posted a refreshingly positive sort of blog -- it's not something I do often, mind you -- that I thought you guys might find interesting.

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    on the Why do they hate us debate

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  • Trans and feminism - some thoughts on the collisions

    I hope this doesn't tread on too many toes.  It's just some thoughts that had been echoing around in my head.

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    Easter Day Solutions

    So today’s Easter Sunday, and we’re all wearing Easter colours to work, instead of our usual uniforms. Easter colours, of course, being pastels.
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    Can We Out the Clitoris? Finally?

    Well, I am going to start off the new year with a bitch ab

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    Two Case Histories of Nymphomania

    The year was 1856, and Dr. Horatio Storer was a busy boy, burdened as he was with two;verytrying patients - a couple of thoroughly intractable nymphomaniacs.

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    Polyamory in the News: latest roundup

    I’m looking forward to the Poly Living conference coming up in two weeks, February 10-12 in Philadelphia:

    When it's not just your gender that doesn't match

    There is so much more than just gender in the body we see in the mirror.  For many of us the effects of age, ill-health, poor diet, misfortune or genetics leave us with a body that looks n

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    Lady Gaga Was Not Born This Way

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    A Challenge Towards Transgender Pornography


    You know, this is perhaps strange -- even arbitrary -- but, there seems to be a gross lack of tasteful Nudes in the Transgender genre.


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    The Mirror Cracked: Men, Metrosexuality, Disability

    'There has been much written by feminists on pressures on women caused by ideals of feminine ‘beauty’, as promoted by the media.

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    Polyamory in the News: how the world is seeing us.

    Hi folks! Another season, another news roundup....

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    Swingers are a girl's best friend!

    I tell you what; the women in the lifestyle are generally in the best position to get what they want and single women even more so!

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    We Are All Gender Variant

    This post originally appeared on

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    Born This Way?


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    Here There Be Dragons

    There was a big kerfuffle last week - perhaps you heard - where a prominent online feminist, perturbed over a call out about what her blog does and doesn’t cover, suggested it was responsibility of

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