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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: SALACIOUS, a queer, feminist magazine


SALACIOUS is an up and coming magazine of queer feminist sex art and literature. SALACIOUS aims to meld pornography with high art; comics with erotica; titillation with stunning visuals.

SALACIOUS is looking for submissions that highlight queer feminist sex. Comic submissions are strongly encouraged, and are SALACIOUS' main focus—however, SALACIOUS loves the written word and single illustrations, so by all means send those along as well.

Specs for illustrations and comics:

Black and white


No bleeds

300 dpi


Specs for the written word:

Maximum 5,000 words

Short stories, poetry, and more accepted

If you’d like an illustration or two to go with your story, let us know.

Please keep the following in mind should you choose to submit something to SALACIOUS:

SALACIOUS is queer. While we’re not going to tell you what queer should mean to you, please keep this in mind as you compose your work.

SALACIOUS is feminist. We consider reproductions of typically sexist, misogynist, hetero-normative sex and sexuality offensive, unimportant, and not worthy of printing.

SALACIOUS is anti-racist. We reject racist representations, insist on a multi-racial editorial board and contributor base, and seek to understand racism, like sexism, in relation to local and international inequities of power.

SALACIOUS is aimed at titillation, as much as it is aimed at high art. Please therefore submit work you are nothing but deeply proud of. Just because it’s naughty doesn’t mean it has to be poorly done.

Send Submissions to: by AUGUST 1,  2010

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The Lesbian One-Hour Orgasm!

One way to start building your sensual side is to become an expert in yourself, learn how your body responds to touch. The book calls this "taking" touch. It will also introduce you to a bunch of sexercises, e.g. phone sex, sexual teasing and peaking to name a few. Very Few women climax through actually intercourse (1 in 3); it happens with far more frequency through manual (hand) masturbation techniques. This is what the book is all about, getting pleasure with your hands and exactly why I thought it would be relevant to Lesbians (but everyone can do this, you are only limited by your imagination!).

The effectiveness of this technique comes from how you set up the environment all the way down to how you are going to touch each other, so there are a few things you will need to get:

1. Music (of course!)

2. Candles- you can go unscented but I love rose, jasmine or ylang ylang because those oils promote love and sensuality.

3. Some delicious food, like fruits, chocolate or even a power bar because if you are going to be having a sex marathon you are going to need some energy!

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Contraceptives At No Cost? Yes Please

Places like Portland have an abundance of Planned Parenthood clinics, which provide low to no cost contraceptives and other health care services to women(and men), specifically those that reside deeply below the federal poverty level. A person such as myself, without health insurance and inevitably needing an annual exam and birth control RX,  is able to schedule an appointment at one of several metro PP locations and get both for really cheap (or free). Many however, are not as fortunate as I.

Those who live in rural areas where jobs, money making opportunities and affordable health care are scarce, are specifically impacted when Congress, State law makers and insurance companies restrict access (in whichever capacity they can) to contraceptive and sexual health services. If some do get insurance, in many instances they do not have coverage for contraception, which means they'll be paying for their birth control out of pocket.

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Why Mel Gibson's Latest Scandal Is Important

Trigger Warning: Some of this post and linked audio are very graphic and triggering. 

So, I don't mean I actually like (alleged) verbal and physical abuse, I abhor it with all of my being. Abuse in all of its forms hurt women and children and scar generations leaving dire social consequences and years long ramifications that take a toll in every aspect of our lives.

The images on television of partner abuse is usually of some woman trudging into a shelter bloody and bruised , having just run from an abusive husband/boyfriend. When politicians stand up and speak out against partner abuse they often point to lack of funds for battered women shelters and want to increase aid for women who have left an (physically) abusive relationship. But no one talks about emotional, verbal and mental abuse. Stalking, rampant possessiveness, jealousy, consistent anger , manipulation, financial abuse, and constantly attacking a partner's self esteem with perpetual put downs and insults - all of this is considered emotional or verbal abuse. But hardly anyone seems willing to acknowledge this publicly; there is little to no media attention paid to verbal and emotional abuse.

So when Mel Gibson is heard (allegedly) cursing out, screaming at, intimidating, insulting, and  threatening  the life of his partner on tape, the media takes notice and suddenly this type of abuse is at the forefront of America's pop-culture consciousness.

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LGBT Centre of Mongolia's New Documentary


The Lies of Liberty (2010) is a new documentary, produced by the LGBT Centre of Mongolia.  It is a powerful series of interview with LGBTQ folks in Mongolia, telling in their own words, how they are treated. 

Part One:

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New video from ladyVixion: DiRTY CROSS-DRESsER

(h/t helenboyd)

Goddammit, this girl is funny!


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How to make Lesbian Friendships

Ever feel at a loss? Are you completely consumed by life demands? At times it feels like we are on a stage and everyone is watching us fail! We have a sense of lose, as if it is within reach but like a toy that’s been taken by the ocean’s current it has slipped away.


Every relationship has left a trace, maybe even jaded our view of life and love to a point where even if perfection was to walk in it would seem impossible to see her! Or maybe even want her. Why want what you can’t have or ever keep.

You go out and every woman looks the same, every woman sounds the same, so familiar on the surface nothing has changed.  We have the same discussion with different faces and hear the same empty promises and speech of lost loves and new beginnings. 

We have become committed to finding a partner so badly that for most of us friendships have been put aside, until that someone comes along. Others of us have been in relationships where being with one another was sufficient and slowly isolated you from the world. Friendship, the unconditional love we have for what once was a stranger is the equivalent to oxygen in a healthy person.

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New Call for Submissions: Personal Reflections on Gender

The original Hackgender call for submissions lasted one week and was intended as the start of an urgent conversation on gender.

This archive is an extension of that project, intended as an ongoing space for archiving both new and old thoughts on gender. We are now accepting submissions in all digital forms: text, photos, art, comics, blogs, video and more.

July: Personal Reflections Call for Work

In July, we are seeking work to extend one of the popular themes that emerged from the original call: personal reflections on gender identity. What are your thoughts on gender in regards to yourself? Your identity? Your sexual orientation? Your desires? Your community?

All submissions will be archived on, linked to your own blog or page if applicable, and announced through the Hackgender twitter account with the #hackgender hashtag.

Work can be submitted through the contribution form: if you have a project that cannot be submitted through that form or require assistance, email at info -at-

July's call starts July 1st at 12:01am EST and ends July 31st at 11:59pm EST.

After this time, works on this topic will still be accepted but the call for submissions will move on to a new area and new personal reflections will no longer be featured or announced on twitter.

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Love Bites: An S&M Coming-Out Story (mirror)

Originally posted at Clarisse Thorn: Pro-Sex Outreach, Open-Minded Feminism

My coming-out story was first published in February by "Time Out Chicago". I am grateful to them for the publication, but the license with them is not exclusive, and so I've decided to mirror the story here on my blog. Because this version is under my direct control, it will have the most up-to-date links and other followup information. If you would like to mirror my story on your own site or blog, please let me know -- I'm always available at [ clarisse.thorn at gmail dot com ].

I was very drunk. My perceptions had a frame-by-frame quality, and the evening didn't seem immediate: pieces of it were foreign, disconnected as a dream. I was being bitten very hard on the arm. It would leave marks the next day.

I was so muddled by assorted things that even now I can't sort out how I felt at that moment. When Richard's nails scored my skin I gasped, but I didn't ask him to stop. I flinched away, but he kept a firm grip on me. "Beg for mercy," he said softly.

Frame. Skip. I discovered that a mutual friend of ours had seen us, stopped, and was sitting on the grass across from Richard. "Hey," he said. "You shouldn't do that."

"It's okay," Richard said, "she likes it," and pulled my hair hard enough to force me to bow my head. I do? I managed to think, before thought vanished back into the blur of alcohol and pain. Our friend's face loomed over me, concern sketched vividly on his features.

I closed my eyes.

"Mercy," I whispered.

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Attention: Filthy Queer Exhibitionists (NZ Based)

I found a new blogger the other day via Twitter, Amie Wee.  She does many fun things around sex, body, self image and many things queer.  Her tag line is "Queer. Porny. Unicorny."  How can I not love that??  At the very least, check out her blog.

So, she's looking for people interested in making some fuck films in the New Zealand area.  If you're interested, reach out and touch someone...even if it's only yourself. ;-)

After much porn watching, lurking, admiring and jerking off, I’ve decided that it’s time I started work on my own porn project. I want to make a DVD and if you’re a filthy queer exhibitionist, I WANT YOU (in a ‘captured on celluloid’ kind of way).

I’m looking for: queer guys, girls, transboys & girls, girlfags, boydykes, homos, faggots, bbw’s, alt folk, ftm, mtf, gays, lesbos, bisexual, genderqueer, genderfuckers, anti-gender, etc. (Anyone who lives outside the hetero-societal normative square).

I want you to be a part of my project, in which we make some raw, beautiful, ugly, creative, real and goddamn horny art porn.

I’m also looking for anyone else who wants to be involved or who can help (ie. Finding talent, locations, costumes, etc).

You definitely need not have done this before and you will not be asked to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. You’ll work in a safe space with bare minimum crew (and myself as director) and be given the opportunity to explore your fantasies. It’s going to be insanely fun.

Need more info or want to be a part of the project? Contact me (amieweexxx AT gmail DOT com).

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