Alex Karydi

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StoryGender Identity and the Conflict Within Alex Karydi09 years 37 weeks ago
StoryWhen Women Love Married Women Alex Karydi09 years 38 weeks ago
StoryGreen Eyed Lesbian Monster: Jealousy in Lesbian Relationships Alex Karydi09 years 39 weeks ago
StoryA Lesbian Infatuation… or is it Love? Alex Karydi09 years 40 weeks ago
StoryHow Wet Is Too Wet? Alex Karydi09 years 41 weeks ago
StoryHelping Our Gay Youth Alex Karydi09 years 44 weeks ago
StoryWhy you should fight for Civil Rights! Alex Karydi09 years 48 weeks ago
Story7 “Unhealthy Parenting Behaviors” and how it’s affected you! Alex Karydi010 years 3 days ago
StoryLGBT Discrimination: Legal Rights and Mental Health Alex Karydi010 years 3 weeks ago
StoryReconciliation in Lesbian Relationships Alex Karydi010 years 6 weeks ago
StoryLesbian Sex Ed: Let’s talk Anal! Alex Karydi010 years 7 weeks ago
StoryBarriers vs. Boundaries in Lesbian Relationships Alex Karydi010 years 10 weeks ago
StoryLesbian Infidelity Alex Karydi010 years 11 weeks ago
StoryLesbian Domestic Violence Alex Karydi110 years 14 weeks ago
StoryIt's Not Fair! Alex Karydi010 years 17 weeks ago
StoryOne Angry Lesbian- The Power of Anger Management Alex Karydi010 years 19 weeks ago
StoryLesbian Lovers: The Art of Cunnilingus Alex Karydi010 years 21 weeks ago
StoryAttention Lesbians, Trust Me! Alex Karydi010 years 22 weeks ago
StoryLesbian Metamorphosis! 12 Ways to Transform Your Life. Alex Karydi010 years 23 weeks ago
StoryLesbian Relationships: How do I make it work? Alex Karydi010 years 24 weeks ago
StoryComing out and the Different Stages... Step by Step. Alex Karydi210 years 24 weeks ago
StoryLesbian Romance Scams (but it can happen to all the other letters GBTQ and S-traight!) Alex Karydi010 years 26 weeks ago
StorySelf-Entitlement... The Ins and Outs! Alex Karydi110 years 27 weeks ago
StoryThe L in Love vs. Lust in Lesbian Relationships Alex Karydi010 years 28 weeks ago
StoryLesbian Flirting Tips! The Truth! Alex Karydi010 years 29 weeks ago
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