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StoryGod dammit--is there no low our sexism won't stoop to? FilthyGrandeur410 years 5 weeks ago
StoryBut I don't want to be sexy!!! FilthyGrandeur610 years 6 weeks ago
StoryPresentation of gender in Toy Story 3 FilthyGrandeur010 years 17 weeks ago
StoryDear PlayStation--women gamers exist!! kthnx FilthyGrandeur010 years 27 weeks ago
StoryHell, I wouldn't mind some hot sex for MY birthday FilthyGrandeur010 years 44 weeks ago
StoryTarget calls police on nursing mother FilthyGrandeur010 years 45 weeks ago
StoryDragon Age features "controversial" gay sex FilthyGrandeur010 years 46 weeks ago
StoryI wanna see you strut, Adam FilthyGrandeur010 years 47 weeks ago
StoryPresentations of violence and gender in Twilight FilthyGrandeur010 years 48 weeks ago
Story"It's about civil rights, stupid!" 10 y/o boy defends sit-down campaign of Pledge arvan110 years 49 weeks ago
StoryRevisited: Review of Pixar's Up FilthyGrandeur010 years 49 weeks ago
StoryDoes "lady stupid" exist? FilthyGrandeur010 years 50 weeks ago
DiaryThe Diva Cup and Other Menstrual Products Besides Pads and Tampons Olga Wolstenholme311 years 5 days ago
StoryDiscussing Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder FilthyGrandeur011 years 1 week ago
StorySixth graders in Sweden file complaint against Toys R Us for gender stereotyping FilthyGrandeur011 years 2 weeks ago
StoryGay Marriage Debate and Pickles Annabelle River111 years 4 weeks ago
StoryThe One Million Moms Against A Modern Family EvilSlutClique211 years 4 weeks ago
StoryMale Rape Victims Are Legitimate Rape Victims piecesofstring111 years 4 weeks ago
StoryRape of the Heroine: examining rape as a tool in Sara Douglass' fantasy novels FilthyGrandeur011 years 4 weeks ago
StoryFilthy movie reviews: 9 FilthyGrandeur011 years 5 weeks ago
StoryDead bodies having sex...oh nooooeeesss! FilthyGrandeur111 years 5 weeks ago
StoryThe Handjob Makes a Comeback EvilSlutClique411 years 6 weeks ago
StoryONLY RAPISTS CAN PREVENT RAPE arvan111 years 6 weeks ago
StoryGender, sexuality, and objectification in Lil Wayne's 2009 performance of "Lollipop" FilthyGrandeur011 years 7 weeks ago
StoryOnly pretty women should be murdered in a jealous rage, apparently FilthyGrandeur011 years 7 weeks ago
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