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StoryDr. Allen Frances and his arguments against the DSM-5 Jack Molay09 years 30 weeks ago
StoryYou are not one of us! Jack Molay09 years 31 weeks ago
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StoryWhy do crossdreamers dream of shemales? Jack Molay010 years 12 weeks ago
StoryWhat Harry Benjamin Really Meant about Crossdressers and Transwomen Jack Molay010 years 16 weeks ago
StoryThe Harry Benjamin Syndrome Part 1: When transactivism becomes transphobic Jack Molay210 years 16 weeks ago
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DiaryGender identity and the copulation instinct Jack Molay210 years 17 weeks ago
DiaryNature is a DJ Jack Molay110 years 32 weeks ago
DiaryOn transsexuals and transvestites and Ray Blanchard's urge to classify everything as a perversion Jack Molay111 years 3 days ago
DiaryMy Husband is an Autogynephiliac Jack Molay111 years 16 weeks ago
DiaryMen who want to have a woman's body (Autogynephilia for Dummies) Jack Molay211 years 18 weeks ago
DiaryMy life as an autogynephiliac Jack Molay111 years 21 weeks ago
DiaryAutogynephilia: The Dark Side Jack Molay011 years 21 weeks ago
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