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Last night I posted a refreshingly positive sort of blog -- it's not something I do often, mind you -- that I thought you guys might find interesting. Here is an excerpt from that post.

So I know a lot of my readers are transgender -- big surprise, I am too! -- and that's awesome. And transitioning doesn't just mean changing our clothes and outward behaviours. It's a fucking overhaul -- if you'll excuse my colourful language -- which means tearing down a shitty structure that literally took years to build. We all were against this project pretty much from its inception, and thusly half-assed it along the way. But somehow, our superiours and peers managed to get us to erect something that actually took a bit of work -- if only reluctantly so -- which stood up until we finally had that moment of Zen; that fuck it moment. And so, here we are tearing it all down, piece by piece, brick by brick. Never minding how much, or if any of it could be salvaged. We'll have time to sort through all of that later.

So we put up our scaffolds and tear everything down, while we try to quickly put something else up instead. It's very messy, and poorly planned -- but hey, we don't have time anymore! It's now or never. And if never, then I fucking quit! You all know what I mean, of course.

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