Lady Gaga Was Not Born This Way

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It is my belief that....

Humans are born with a capacity for bisexuality. A capacity, but not a hardwired predisposition. Yet that capacity is rightly organic. And those avenues can be closed off early on in life (regardless of liberty or oppression) and be re-opened at a later time, or be sealed off permanently; never to be opened again.

Now this is not to suggest that we do not have our own genetic and biological inclinations. Certainly those are still factors, and often conflict with such capacities. But that is a matter that we tend to resolve on our own. And no man or woman or God can make that call for us. This is most especially so because, as you’ll come to see, even when we write it all out in black in white, it never really remains all black and white.

Human sexuality is a remarkable thing, for it is truly undefinable. And it does not follow any particular set of rules; not even among those of the same biological gender. Yet the formula is different from person to person, which is why any attempt to pathologise it is a mistake.

So many of us would have you believe....

That it is strictly biological, that we are merely “born this way”. But the simple truth is, we’re not; and anyone who is telling you otherwise is not being honest with you, or themselves for that matter. All they are doing is shifting the burden of blame where blame shouldn’t be bared.

There is no guilt. There is no culprit. Who the Hell is anyone to put us on trial for such a thing? So why are we pointing fingers? Our sexualities are own creations that we came by naturally, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. So why not own up to our Selves, instead of running and hiding behind the guise of biology?

If anything, by placing the blame on nature, we only burden ourselves, because that is something that we cannot change, and thus should come to resent when persecution falls upon us. In such times, it comes to be viewed as a handicap, which it certainly is not. Yet is it any surprise that it is this very reason that so many of us are so reluctant to come out of the closet?

Now I know what you’re going to say....

 “If it’s not biological, it must be a choice, which means you all can still change.” And that is half-true. We may still change. Allow me to repeat myself: WE MAY STILL HAVE THE CAPACITY TO CHANGE.

But that change cannot be forced or coerced into being. Just as one cannot force you to enjoy certain foods you find unpalatable, you cannot force a gay man into enjoying intimacy with a woman. He has to come to develop those desires on his own.

However, as I said earlier, if certain avenues are cut off, they may be cut off for good, and trying to push your sense of normality on him would only do him a disservice, as his rejection could only be interpreted as an attack on his individuality (that inalienable right to one’s own sense of self-determination), and that goes against the very ideals that our forefathers fought and stood for. Ideals that have to come to fruition, and that you get enjoy, each and everyday.

No, any changes in his sexuality have to come naturally through his relationships within his environments (both internal and external), and by the values he assigns to the variables within those environments. Not through his relationship with Jesus Christ. And not through his relationship with his father or any special bonding events in the attempts to man him up – it just doesn’t work that way.

To summarize....

 Such developments are not sporadic or spontaneous, so much as evolutionary. There is a natural course of things. And likewise, as an LGB (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual) fellow may have the potential to develop a heterosexual lifestyle, so too can they develop the other way around. In fact, in recent years, it has become clearer to me that this is more often the case.

As the stigma upon such sexualities is lifted, more men and women are finding themselves at liberty to explore those avenues of their sexualities; a perfect example of the aforementioned avenues closed, now re-opened.

And personally, I think that’s a good thing. It only justifies my feelings of just how much we truly aren’t hardwired by nature. Instead, it proves to me that any argument outlining how heterosexuality is the only natural conclusion (while rendering all others unnatural deviations) is, consequently, fallacious.

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