Some People Suck!

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Be warned, I'm on my soapbox and I'm venting!

It seriously sucks that some people (swingers, poly's and other open-minded or alternative relationship people) actually have to worry about what their family, friends and co-workers would do if they found out about their swinging/unconventional lifestyle or sexuality! I've come across a few people who've said to me that they can't be open about who they are because their family will disown them, their work place would make like difficult for them or they will get "run out of town".

I spoke to someone else who is more of a public figure and he said the same thing, people won't take him seriously if they knew and it would affect his career even though the fact that he swings has absolutely NOTHING to do with his ability to be a great leader!

It's the 21st century! Why are we still surrounded by people who judge and persecute? Why is it such an issue what people do in their own private lives even if it's not hurting anyone? Who cares if that lovely couple across the road like dressing in leather once a month and engaging in orgies? So what if your co-worker is a bisexual, chances are you're safe anyway! And why would anyone want the people they love to have to hide or feel ashamed of who they are? Aren't we supposed to love them anyway? Support and encourage them to live their lives fully? What the hell is wrong with some people?!?!?

Is it because they misunderstand what it's all about? Do they feel threatened? Is it religion based or just a complete ignorance? I don't get it! I don't get pissed off or really frustrated easily but this annoys the hell out of me... damn narrow-minded people who look down from their self made pedastool and judge those around them, making them feel like they are less of a person, not worthy of being loved or that what they do and who they are is wrong! WTF?

There has to be a way to change it... Now there is Gay Pride, multicultural organisations, the sex-positive movement and various other "movements" that are all working towards getting society and communities as a whole to accept them and to give them the same rights as every other human being... but what if there was only one movement? What if all the minorities banded together under an umbrella of "I accept you as you are", encouraging people to be open and not judge others... I'm not sure that really depicts the essence of what I want that movement to be but until I work out how to word it, that's what I want.

No one should have to feel like they can't be themselves or explore who they are for fear of how others will judge them. If no one is getting hurt, why do people care?

... but then maybe that's a lesson for me, while these people frustrate the hell out of me, maybe I'm meant to learn to accept them as they are... will that mean that someday they will learn to acecpt me as I am?

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I like your soapbox

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You can set it up any time you like, as far as I'm concerned.


It's because we live in a

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It's because we live in a puritanical society.  We are trapped in oppressive bonds, and to break free from that is just too scary.  The general populace equates sex and sexuality with perversion.  Therefore, the smart, successful business (wo)man will lose all credentials, because anyone who would participate in unprescribed sexual acts must have something really wrong with them.

It's a sad time we live in when honesty and freedom are considered "gross."

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