Interview with Fang Ling Lee!

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Interview with Fang Ling Lee!

Sunday, September 06, 2009 by M. Dickinson

image: Interview with Fang Ling Lee!
How did you get interested in art? Has it always been a talent of yours?

My parents are clay artists so I grew up in the studio strapped to my dads back as he worked. When we lived in New York, they made clay jewelry and I always wanted to help, so my mom let me make my own jewelry. In my teenage
years, we moved to Florida and I used to travel with my dad doing art shows around the country. It was also around that time that I discovered that I could draw and paint and before I painted my first painting, my dad bought me a huge van as incentive to make a career for myself. I was exhibiting at art shows before I went to college.

When did you first start doing art that featured nudity or erotic themes?

The first painting that I ever painted for my own benefit was a self portrait of me licking my own nipple, a picture my photographer friend, Miss E Lotsey, took one drunken night. From then I knew that I wanted to explore human sexuality in my art. After a couple of years schlepping flower still lives, I decided one night, that it was time and haven’t looked back since.

What are your inspirations or ideas when you start working on a piece?

As an avid masturbator, and self-proclaimed pervert, sex has always been a major fascination in my life. My ideas stem from my own previsions and fantasies, usually a beautiful twist on a morbid tragedy in someone else’s

Have you ever worried that a piece may offend others?


Art wouldn’t be art if it didn’t invoke some kind of emotion or thought.

That is what makes us human. I live to offend people.

That’s when I know its good.

What pieces are you most proud of?

I am proud of all my pieces. Each painting is my best at that particular moment and marks that moment in my life that I was willing to share. The ones that I love the most, are the ones that I have not yet painted.

Do you have a website?

Yes. was founded by Mike Dickinson. If you want to be involved, offer ideas, or exercise your right to free speech and tell him you hate his ideas please email him at

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