May Touch Redeem Us

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This poem is from a beautiful little book about loving sexuality by Bill Noble called May Touch Redeem Us; Poems of Love and Eros and is printed with the author’s most gracious permission!

A Small Poem About Tenderness

Tonight I would be the provider of solace, the caregiver

in the face of all that had afflicted you this day.

But when you took me fully in your mouth, small,

yielding, your encompassing warmth and sweetness

without urgency or agenda, every door opened,

every hurt and hesitation was healed. I gave myself

up to you, and you gave me myself, whole and at peace.

Would you like to be inside? you asked, looking up

from your giving. And in a moment you were above me,

radiant, wordless, emptied of urgency and injury,

and this thoughtless joy rose in my bones, this joy

conceived in love, refracted in your eyes, easy as breath.

Each enfolding night may we come to each other

healed, jubilant and patient, each day of all the days

we may be graced with. May no hurt ever be stronger

than the simplest act of love. May touch redeem us.


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